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    Rates & Insurance

    10 Slots Left for $Name Your Price per 25-50 minute Psychotherapy Session

    $100-200 for 50 minute Psychotherapy Session

    $145-250 for 45-90 minute Brainspotting Therapy Session

    $150 for LENS Sessions

    $40-Kiddos $45-Adults The URB (The Ultimate Relaxation Bag)

    $27-$33 Per eBook

    Full day Couple or Family Therapy Intensives: Contact for details and pricing.


    ●     Reduced Ability to Choose: Most health care plans today (insurance, PPO, HMO, etc.) offer little coverage and/or reimbursement for mental health services. Most HMOs and PPOs require “preauthorization” before you can receive services. This means you must call the company and justify why you are seeking therapeutic services in order for you to receive reimbursement. The insurance representative, who may or may not be a mental health professional, will decide whether services will be allowed. If authorization is given, you are often restricted to seeing the providers on the insurance company’s list. Reimbursement is reduced if you choose someone who is not on the contracted list; consequently, your choice of providers is often significantly restricted.

    ●     Pre-Authorization and Reduced Confidentiality: Insurance typically authorizes several therapy sessions at a time. When these sessions are finished, your therapist must justify the need for continued services. Sometimes additional sessions are not authorized, leading to an end of the therapeutic relationship even if therapeutic goals are not completely met. Your insurance company may require additional clinical information that is confidential in order to approve or justify a continuation of services. Confidentiality cannot be assured or guaranteed when an insurance company requires information to approve continued services. Even if the therapist justifies the need for ongoing services, your insurance company may decline services. Your insurance company dictates if treatment will or will not be covered. Note: Personal information might be added to national medical information data banks regarding treatment.

    ●     Negative Impacts of a Psychiatric Diagnosis: Insurance companies require clinicians to give a mental health diagnosis (i.e., “major depression” or “obsessive-compulsive disorder”) for reimbursement. Psychiatric diagnoses may negatively impact you in the following ways:

    1.    Denial of insurance when applying for disability or life insurance;

    2.    Company (mis)control of information when claims are processed;

    3.    Loss of confidentiality due to the increased number of persons handling claims;

    4.    Loss of employment and/or repercussions of a diagnosis in situations where you may be required to reveal a mental health disorder diagnosis on your record. This includes but is not limited to: applying for a job, financial aid, and/or concealed weapons permits.

    5.    A psychiatric diagnosis can be brought into a court case (ie: divorce court, family law, criminal, etc.). 

    It is also important to note that some psychiatric diagnoses are not eligible for reimbursement. This is often true for marriage/couples therapy.

    Appointments and Cancellations: You are responsible for attending each appointment and agree to adhere to the following policy: If you cannot keep the scheduled appointment, you MUST notify our office to cancel or reschedule the appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. If you cancel or reschedule more than once, we may re-evaluate your needs, desires, and motivations for treatment at this time. You will be charged for the full session fee via the credit card we have on file for you all for missed appointments or appointments cancelled within 24 hours at the end of the appointment. Check your provider’s policies regarding cancellations and/or no shows.

    Payment: The fee for each therapy session is $150-200. Payment is due at the time of service. Acceptable forms of payment are credit/debit card, which has a $6-10 processing fee. Exact-amount cash or check (insufficient-funds checks will be returned upon full payment of the original amount plus $25 for any returned check) are permitted if mailed and received prior to the appointment. Some HSA credit cards are accepted. If your card is denied be prepared to have alternative payment available otherwise you will be charged for the full session as it will be accounted for a late cancellation appointment within 24 hours due to insufficient payment. In the event that a scheduled appointment time is missed or cancelled less than 24 hours, please refer to the “Appointments and Cancellations” policy above 

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!