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    Michele Ramey, LMFT, LENS Provider

    It was love at first sight, even through the crying. They were so precious. They were so innocent. You were so excited and nervous about being their parent. How did you get something so special? Right until they started walking, talking, developing and growing. They had such great potential, but now they hate you, don’t listen to you and are rude. It’s like they are trying so hard to fit in and you don’t know them anymore. So, you keep putting restraints and rules on them to protect them from what’s out there and that’s NOT working. You just want your mini me, or precious baby back. 

    Are you looking for the easy button? I found it! It’s called Brainspotting. Brainspotting is all neurological. Since everything starts and ends there, it’s only fitting that that’s where we’ll focus our attention in these parent-child sessions so that you guys can reconnect as a family. And yes, it can be done via telehealth. Our brains are that powerful!

    I’ll help guide you and your family utilizing your eyes and/or a contact item so that we can bring your brains awareness to what’s not right internally allowing the brain to process and heal itself. And it only takes a few sessions after the intakes to feel better. It’s time to contact me for better relationships. I’ll walk you through the process.


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